Usage Notes for Importing or Exporting with a SAS Metadata Bridge

  • You cannot run change analysis on metadata that is imported from z/OS systems.
  • Users who are working under change management should not run the Import Metadata Wizard with the Compare import metadata to repository option selected. The import and comparison can fail when metadata is imported to a folder that is under change management. For more information, see Solution.
  • When imported metadata is compared to existing metadata, the differences between the two are stored in a comparison result library. In the current release, the comparison result library cannot be a SAS/SHARE library. Accordingly, in an environment where two or more people perform change analysis on imported metadata, care should be taken to avoid contention over the same comparison results library. For example, each user can create his or her own comparison result library.
  • To avoid problems that arise when character sets from different locales are combined in the same comparison result library, create one or more comparison result libraries for each locale.
  • If you are working under change management, empty your Checkouts tree of any metadata before importing more metadata with the Import Metadata Wizard. This makes it easier to manage the imported metadata from a particular session. If you want to save any metadata in the Checkouts tree, check in that metadata. It you want to discard any remaining metadata in the Checkouts tree, you can select Check Outsthen selectClear Repository from the menu bar.
  • The Import Metadata Wizard enables you to select a metadata file that is local or remote to SAS Data Integration Studio. Remote support is provided for Windows and UNIX hosts only.
  • When imported metadata is compared to existing metadata, and you are working under change management, imported metadata is compared to the checked-in metadata. Accordingly, any metadata in the Checkouts tree that has not been checked in is not included in the comparison.
    If you mistakenly run a comparison before the appropriate metadata has been checked in, you can check in the contents of the Checkouts tree and then select Comparison Recompare from the toolbar in the Differences window.
  • Null SAS formats that show as differences in change analysis will, when applied, overwrite user-defined SAS Formats in a metadata repository. Be careful when you apply formats during change analysis.