Performing Impact Analysis on a Generated Transformation


You want to determine how many jobs are impacted by a change to a generated transformation.
A generated transformation is a transformation that you create with the Transformation Generator wizard. You can use this wizard to create your own generated transformations and register them on a metadata server. After they are registered, your transformations display in the Transformations tree, where they are available for use in any job. For more information about these transformations, see Creating and Using a Generated Transformation.
When you change or update a generated transformation, the change can affect the jobs that include that transformation. Before you change a generated transformation, you should run impact analysis on that transformation to see all of the jobs that might be affected by the change.


Run impact analysis on a generated transformation.


Perform Impact Analysis on a Generated Transformation

Perform the following steps to run an impact analysis on a generated transformation:
  1. From the SAS Data Integration Studio desktop, select the Transformations or Inventory tree.
  2. Open the folder that contains the generated transformation that you want to analyze.
  3. Select that transformation, right-click the object, and select Analyze from the pop-up menu.
    Alternatively, you can select the object in a tree view or in the context of a process flow, and then select Actions from the menu bar, and then select Analyze. The following display shows the tree view of the analysis.
    Impact Analysis on a Generated Transformation
    Impact Analysis on a Generated Transformation
In the preceding display, the selected generated transformation is named Summary Statistics. The Impact Analysis window shows that the selected transformation is used in the job Summary Statistics.
You can right-click the objects on the Impact Analysis tab to obtain information about those objects.
For a process flow view of the impacts, select the Diagram view icon.