Performing Reverse Impact Analysis


A table is used in the process flow for a job. You notice an error in the data for one column, and you want to trace the data flow to that column.


Use reverse impact analysis to identify the tables, columns, jobs, and transformations that contribute to the content of a selected column. 


Perform Reverse Impact Analysis

To perform impact analysis on a metadata object, right-click the object in a tree view or in a process flow in the Job Editor window, and then select Analyze from the pop-up menu. Be sure to save the job in the Job Editor window before running analysis on a metadata object in that job. Otherwise, your analysis does not reflect any changes since the last save.
Alternatively, you can select the object in a tree view or in the context of a process flow, select Actions from the menu bar, and then select Analyze.
Once the Analysis window opens, select the Reverse Impact Analysis tab. The steps for performing reverse impact analysis on a column are similar to the steps in Perform an Impact Analysis.