Prerequisites for Version Control

The following prerequisites must be met before you can use the version control features in SAS Data Integration Studio:
  • A version control server must be installed in a location that is accessible to SAS Data Integration Studio. The following servers are supported: Concurrent Versions System server CVS 1.11.x, CVSNT2.0.x, CVSNT2.5.x, and CVSNT2.8.x, and Apache Subversion (SVN) server 1.6.x.
  • A version control plug-in must be installed in SAS Data Integration Studio, such as the CVS plug-in or the SVN plug-in.
  • The path to the version control client executable (.exe file) and the credentials for the version control server must be specified in the appropriate version control plug-in tab (for example, CVS Plugin tab, SVN Plugin tab, and so on).
The version control plug-in tabs are available when you select Tools > Options from SAS Data Integration Studio. Note that you can connect to only one version control server at a time. If you change version control servers, you must uninstall the first version control server plug-in before you install its replacement.
For example, the CVS and SVN plug-ins are shipped with SAS Data Integration Studio, and the CVS plug-in is found first by default. If you would prefer to use the SVN plug-in, you must remove the CVS plug-in (sas.dbuilder.versioncontrol.cvsplugin.jar) from the install path. Then, you will be able to use the SVN plug-in. The default path for these plug-ins is Program Files\SASHome\SASVersionedJarRepository\eclipse\plugins\.
For information about a version control server and client, see the documentation for that server and client. Support is provided for CVS and SVN by default. There is a documented application programming interface (API) to integrate other versioning systems with SAS Data Integration Studio. See this API documentation at
The SAS Data Integration Studio SVN plug-in works only with command-line SVN clients such as the 32–bit version of Subversion for Windows. The plug-in does not work with a graphic user interface-only SVN client such as rapidSVN. For more information, consult the user documentation provided with the client that you select.
If the SVN command-line client is not available in your existing SVN package, you should consider obtaining a command-line client from This command-line client will enable you use SAS Data Integration Studio with the SVN server.