About Versions

Version control enables you track changes that are happening over time to SAS Data Integration Studio objects. Versioning works by moving content such as jobs and other objects into a file and archiving that file in a versioning system. SAS Data Integration Studio creates the file as a SAS Package and writes it into the source management system. To bring content back into the repository, SAS Data Integration Studio retrieves the content stored in the source management system and places it back into the SAS metadata repository. In this way, you can create different versions of content and restore previous versions of content when needed.
Objects can be versioned independently or with other objects to make up a package of related content. This ability enables you to archive sets of objects that are logically related, such as all of the content in a project. You can also choose to generate source code for a job and store it along with the job as text content. This function makes it easy to see the source code associated with a specific version of a job. You can view archived results of any object to see when it was last versioned. This function lets you identify previous version of objects that you might want to restore and maintain a history about changes.
After you have created versions of a selected object, you can access the versioned objects in the Archived SAS Packages window. The window displays a list of all the versions of all the archived objects so that you can access and maintain the versions. You can select an object and view the differences between versions of the selected object or between an archived version and the current version of that object.