Security for SAS Data Integration Studio

Overview of Security

In order to build and execute process flows in SAS Data Integration Studio, you must have privileges such as the following:
  • read and write access to the sources and targets in the job, as specified by the operating system and other relevant systems such as database servers
  • read and write access to the metadata for sources and targets in the job, as specified on the SAS Metadata Server
  • read and write access to folders in the Folders tree on the desktop
Typically, SAS Data Integration Studio users use the privileges that are granted to them by a security administrator and do not set security attributes themselves. For example, an administrator can set up the custom folder structure in the Folders tree and set permissions on those folders. Most users simply save objects to those folders, without setting any permissions on individual objects.
For details about setting up security, administrators should see the SAS Intelligence Platform: Security Administration Guide. The "Permissions on Folders" section describes how to set permissions on folders in the Folders tree. Under change management, there are additional security considerations for users and administrators. See Working with Change Management.

Authorization Tab

An Authorization tab can be displayed in the property windows for tables, libraries, transformations, and many other objects. This tab can be used to view or update the metadata permissions on these objects. In general, users do not set permissions on individual objects, but this capability is available if needed. For more information about using the Authorization tab, see the "Working with Permissions" chapter in the SAS Intelligence Platform: Security Administration Guide.
Each user can control whether the Authorization tab is hidden or displayed in his or her SAS Data Integration Studio session. To toggle the display of this tab, select Toolsthen selectOptions from the menu bar. In the Options window, click the General tab, and then select or deselect the Show advanced property tabs check box.