Redeploying Jobs for Scheduling


After a job has been deployed for scheduling, either the job or the computing environment changes. For example, additional transformations might be added to the process flow for the job, or the job might be exported to another environment where the servers and libraries are different.


Use the Redeploy Jobs for Scheduling feature to find any jobs that have been deployed for scheduling, regenerate the code for these jobs, and save the new code to a job deployment directory. The redeployed jobs can then be rescheduled.
Rescheduling a job is a two-stage process:
  • Redeploy the job for scheduling. See Redeploy a Job for Scheduling.
  • Use other software to schedule the job for execution. For more information, see Scheduling in SAS.


Redeploy a Job for Scheduling

Perform the following steps to redeploy a job for scheduling:
  1. Select Toolsthen selectRedeploy for Scheduling in the menu bar. Any jobs that have been deployed are found.
  2. Click Yes to continue the redeployment process. The Redeployed scheduled jobs window is displayed. Verify that the appropriate options have been set, and click OK to redeploy the jobs. Code is generated for all deployed jobs and saved to the job deployment directory for the SAS Application Server that is used to deploy jobs.
The regenerated code contains references to servers and libraries that are appropriate for the current environment. The regenerated jobs are now available for scheduling.