Using XMLMap Syntax

The XML elements for the XMLMap syntax for version 2.1 are explained in this chapter. The elements are listed in the order in which you would typically include them in an XMLMap. That is:
  • The first element in the XMLMap is the SXLEMAP element, which is the primary (root) enclosing element that contains the definition for the generated output file. See SXLEMAP Element.
  • The namespace elements define XML namespaces, which distinguish element and attribute names by qualifying them with Uniform Resource Identifier (URIs). See Elements for Namespaces.
  • If you use an XMLMap for exporting, you must include the exporting elements. See Elements for Exporting.
  • The table elements define the SAS data set. See Elements for Tables.
  • The column elements define the variables for the SAS data set. See Elements for Columns.
The XMLMap markup, as XML itself, is case sensitive.
The tag names must be uppercase, and the element attributes must be lowercase. For example, <SXLEMAP version="2.1">. In addition, the supported XPath syntax is case sensitive as well.