LIBNAME Statement Options

The following table lists the available LIBNAME statement options. The ■ symbol indicates whether the option is available for an engine nickname.
LIBNAME Statement Options
Automatically generate an XMLMap file to import an XML document
Determine whether SAS formats are used with the GENERIC markup type
When importing or exporting a CDISC ODM XML document with the CDISCODM markup type
Determine whether SAS formats are used
Specify the libref to create a format catalog
Replace existing format entries in the format catalog
Indent nested elements in exported XML document
Specify the character set to use for the output file
Control the generation of a record separator
Specify the translation table to use for the output file
Override the default tagset
Import concatenated XML documents
Specify the tag format to contain SAS variable information
Control the results of numeric values
Override the SAS data set's encoding for the output file
Specify a fileref for the XML document
Specify an XMLMap
Determine whether metadata-related information is included
Determine whether to process nonconforming character data
Specify an external file to contain exported metadata-related information
Specify the XML markup type