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SPD Engine Data Set Options

ENCRYPT= Data Set Option

Specifies whether to encrypt an output SPD Engine data set.
Valid in: DATA step and PROC steps
Restriction: use with output data sets only
Restriction: ENCRYPT=YES cannot be used with COMPRESS=

Syntax Description
Example 1: Using the ENCRYPT=YES Option



Syntax Description


encrypts the file. This encryption method uses passwords that are stored in the data set. At a minimum, you must specify the READ= or the PW= data set option at the same time that you specify ENCRYPT=YES. Because the encryption method uses passwords, you cannot change any password on an encrypted data set without re-creating the data set.

Record all passwords when ENCRYPT=YES.

If you forget the passwords, you cannot reset it without assistance from SAS. The process is time-consuming and resource-intensive.  [cautionend]


does not encrypt the file.


Encryption and compression are mutually exclusive in SPD Engine.

You cannot create an SPD Engine data set with both encryption and compression. If you use ENCRYPT=YES data set option and the COMPRESS= data set or LIBNAME option, the following error is generated:

ERROR: The data set was not compressed because compression and 
       encryption cannot both be specified. 

When you copy a Base SAS data set that is compressed and encrypted to an SPD Engine data set, the compression is dropped. SAS retains the security of the data set instead of the compression.

Example 1: Using the ENCRYPT=YES Option

The following example encrypts the data set:

libname depta spde '/datasecret';

data salary(encrypt=yes read=green);

 input name $ yrsal bonuspct;

Muriel    34567  3.2
Bjorn     74644  2.5
Freda     38755  4.1
Benny     29855  3.5
Agnetha   70998  4.1

To use this data set, specify the READ password:

proc contents data=salary(read=green);

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