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SAS/CONNECT General SAS System Options

COMAMID= System Option

Identifies the communications access method for connecting a client and a server across a network.
Client: Required
Server: Required
Default: TCP/IP for OpenVMS, UNIX, and Windows
Default: XMS for z/OS
Client: Valid in: configuration file, OPTIONS statement, SAS System Options window, SAS invocation
Server: Valid in: configuration file, SAS invocation
Category: Communications: Networking and Encryption
PROC OPTIONS Group= Communications

Syntax Description
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Syntax Description


specifies the name of the communications access method that is used by a SAS/CONNECT client to connect to a SAS/CONNECT server across a network.


At the client, the following OPTIONS statement specifies the TCP/IP access method for connecting to a server.

options comamid=tcp;

At the server, the TYPE statement in a script file specifies options that are set when the server session starts.

type "sas (dmr comamid=tcp noterminal no$syntaxcheck)" enter;

See Also

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