About This Book


The SAS Data Surveyor for Clickstream Data is designed for the following users:
  • persons, such as data integrators, who are responsible for creating jobs that extract and transform clickstream data from Web logs and then loading the resulting data into a SAS table. Other applications, such as SAS Web Analytics, can then take the refined clickstream data and analyze it.
  • persons who need to review the output of the clickstream jobs
  • persons who would like to integrate SAS Real-Time Decision Manager capability into Web sites
You might be assigned to a specific role that determines which tasks you can perform. This documentation describes the tasks that can be performed with the SAS Data Surveyor for Clickstream Data. If you are not authorized to perform specific tasks, then your SAS Data Surveyor for Clickstream Data interface will not display those options.
Suggestions for using this document are as follows: