A Simple Clickstream Job

The following display shows a simple clickstream job in SAS Data Integration Studio.
Only the main transformations that are provided with the SAS Data Surveyor for Clickstream Data are shown.
Simple Clickstream Job
Simple Clickstream Job
In the simple job, information is read from a Web log, processed in various ways, and loaded into temporary work tables at the end of each step in the process flow. The following table describes the components in the job.
Transformations and Tables in the Simple Job
Inputs from and Outputs to
Clickstream Log transformation
Reads data from a clickstream log. Identifies the type of log to be processed. Maps input columns from the log to the Clickstream Parse Input Columns. Loads an output table with data from the log. For more information, see Clickstream Log Transformation .
From: Web log
To: Log Output table
Clickstream Parse transformation
Reads the output from the Log transformation. Maps the Clickstream Parse Input Columns to output columns in a target table for continued processing. Filters unwanted data records from the target table, according to user-defined rules. Enables the definition of a cookie, a query string, or a referrer parameter to be parsed and stored as new data items in the target table. If possible, uniquely identifies the visitor who is associated with each data record and adds the visitor ID as a new data item in the target table. For more information, see Clickstream Parse Transformation.
From: Log Output table
To: Parse Output table
Clickstream Sessionize transformation
Reads the output from the Parse transformation. Identifies user sessions. Performs additional visitor ID analysis. Identifies and manages non-human visitors (such as spiders). Manages sessions that span Web logs. For more information, see Clickstream Sessionize Transformation.
From: Parse Output table
To: Sessionize Output table
In the clickstream jobs that are described in the rest of this document, some temporary work tables are replaced by permanent tables, checkpoint transformations are added to the flow, and other transformations are added to the flow. However, the main process flow for a clickstream job is similar to the flow for simple job in the preceding display.