CDISC ODM Procedure


Specifies information about how the study is presented to users.
Requirements: Optional for exporting.

Metadata attributes must be stored in a SAS data set that you reference in the DATA= argument. You cannot specify metadata attributes in the PRESENTATION statement.


PRESENTATION DATA=libref.member-name ;

Required Argument

specifies the SAS data set that contains the metadata attributes. The libref, which is assigned with the LIBNAME statement, is an alias for the data storage location where member-name is stored.
specifies a reference to a presentation definition. Enclose the identifier in single or double quotation marks. A string of characters up to the maximum OID length that is defined in CDISC ODM is supported.
specifies a language identifier. Enclose the identifier in single or double quotation marks.
A language identifier, as defined in the XML specification, can be one of the following:
  • A two-letter language code as defined by ISO 639, “Codes for the representation of names of languages.”
  • A language identifier that has been registered with the IANA. The language identifier begins with the prefix i- or I-.
  • A language identifier that has been assigned by the user or agreed on between parties in private use. The language identifier must begin with the prefix x- or X- to ensure that it does not conflict with names that are later standardized or registered with IANA.
specifies a portion of the presentation in the specified language. Enclose the string in single or double quotation marks.