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Architecture of the SAS Intelligence Platform

Architecture of the SAS Intelligence Platform

The SAS Intelligence Platform architecture is designed to efficiently access large amounts of data, while simultaneously providing timely intelligence to a large number of users. The platform uses an n-tier architecture that enables you to distribute functionality across computer resources, so that each type of work is performed by the resources that are best suited to the job.

You can easily scale the architecture to meet the demands of your workload. For a large company, the tiers can be installed across a multitude of machines with different operating systems. For prototyping, demonstrations, or very small enterprises, all of the tiers can be installed on a single machine.

The architecture consists of the following four tiers:

Data Sources

Data sources store your enterprise data. All of your existing data assets can be used, whether your data is stored in third-party database management systems, SAS tables, or ERP system tables.

SAS Servers

SAS servers perform SAS processing on your enterprise data. Several types of SAS servers are available to handle different workload types and processing intensities. The software distributes processing loads among server resources so that multiple client requests for information can be met without delay.

Middle Tier

The middle tier enables users to access intelligence data and functionality via a Web browser. This tier provides Web-based interfaces for report creation and information distribution, while passing analysis and processing requests to the SAS servers.


The client tier provides users with desktop access to intelligence data and functionality through easy-to-use interfaces. For most information consumers, reporting and analysis tasks can be performed with just a Web browser. For more advanced design and analysis tasks, SAS client software is installed on users' desktops.

Note:   The four tiers listed above represent categories of software that perform similar types of computing tasks and require similar types of resources. The tiers do not necessarily represent separate computers or groups of computers.  [cautionend]

The following diagram shows how the tiers interact, and the sections that follow describe each tier in more detail.

Architecture of the SAS Intelligence Platform

[Architecture of the SAS Intelligence Platform]

Data Sources

The SAS Intelligence Platform includes the following options for data storage:

In addition, SAS provides products that enable you to access data in your existing third-party DBMSs and ERP systems. The SAS/ACCESS interfaces provide direct access to DBMSs such as the following:

The following SAS Data Surveyor products provide direct access to ERP systems:

For more information about data sources, see Data in the SAS Intelligence Platform.

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