Making Detail Data Available to a Cube for Drill-Through

You can drill through an OLAP report to the underlying detail data only after you make the detail data available to the cube. You can use either SAS OLAP Cube Studio or the OLAP procedure to make detail data available to the cube:
  • In SAS OLAP Cube Studio, you can specify a table for drill-through when you create or edit the cube using the Cube Designer wizard. On the Drill-Through page of the wizard, either select a table and click the right-arrow and then Next to specify the drill-through table, or just click Next if drill-through is not needed. The following figure shows the Cube Designer - Drill Through page of the Cube Designer wizard:
    Cube Designer
    Figure showing the Cube Designer wizard
    For more information about the Cube Designer wizard, see the SAS OLAP Cube Studio Help. Note that for star schema tables, a view that fully joins the fact and dimension tables is the drill-through table.
  • In the PROC OLAP statement, use the DRILLTHROUGH_TABLE option to specify the name of the drill-through table to use. For more information about the DRILLTHROUGH_TABLE option, see "The OLAP Procedure" in the SAS OLAP Server: User's Guide.