Establishing Connectivity to XML Data

The following figure provides a logical view of using XML files as a data source.
Establishing Connectivity to XML Files
Establishing Connectivity to XML Files
The following steps describe how to specify a SAS XML library in SAS Management Console. Assume that the XML library points to an XML file that contains climate information (climate.xml). The XML file is in generic format, as defined for the SAS XML LIBNAME engine. For more information, see the SAS XML LIBNAME Engine: User's Guide.
To register an XML library, perform the following steps:
  1. In SAS Management Console, expand Data Library Manager. Right-click Libraries. Then, select the New Library option to access the New Library wizard.
  2. Select SAS XML library from the SAS Data list. Click Next.
  3. Enter an appropriate library name in the Name field (for example, XML Lib). Click Next.
  4. Enter information about the library, such as the following:
    Library Properties
    Sample Value
    XML Lib
    XML File
    XML Type
    Library Access
  5. Click Finish to save the wizard settings.