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Administering SAS Information Map Studio

Log Files

Application Log

SAS Information Map Studio records selected events that occur while running the application. Error data for specific components or Java packages are recorded. In order to record diagnostic information, your application must have Write access to the log file on the operating system's file system.

To change the information that is recorded, or to change the name or location of the log file, follow these steps:

  1. Exit the application.

  2. Open SAS-installation-directory\SAS\SASInformationMapStudio\release-number\mapstudio.ini.

  3. Add -loggingSetupDialog to the end of the MainClass statement, save, and close the file.

  4. Start the application. The Diagnostic Settings dialog box is displayed.

  5. In the Severity level drop-down list, select the severity level for recording information for the entire application.

  6. (Optional) Record a different level of information for a particular component or Java package. Select the Component or Java package to specify the Severity level.

  7. The Log file box specifies the output log file that stores the error data. Set a new file or location, as needed.

  8. Select OK to begin using the new diagnostic settings.

In general, it is best to modify this file under the direction of SAS Technical Support.

For additional information, see Administering Logs and Other Local Files and the SAS Information Map Studio Help.

Note:   If you run your application on a Citrix server, then the log file is located on the Citrix server machine.  [cautionend]

Resource Replacement Log

Information map resources can be replaced after an information map is created. The Resource Replacement dialog box is used to replace external metadata resources that are referenced by the information map. The application records to the log file the replacement tasks that were performed, and any issues that were encountered.

For additional information, see SAS Information Map Studio Help.

Copy to Folder Log

When the Copy to Folder feature in the resource pane is used, a copy-paste log file is generated to record the events.

The Windows Log File location is C:\Documents and Settings\User Id\Application Data\SAS\SASIinformationMapStudio\release-number.

The Vista Log File location is C:\Users\User Id\AppData\Roaming\SAS\SASIinformationMapStudio\release-number.

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