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Common Elements

Administering Logs and Other Local Files

The desktop applications maintain local files on the C: drives of their respective hosts. Local files contain information that is specific to users.

By default, in the Windows operating environment, local files are stored in the Documents and Settings directory.

Windows path to local files:
C:\Documents and Settings\user-name\Application Data\SAS\applicationName

Connection profiles:
C:\Documents and Settings\user-name\Application Data\SAS\MetadataServerProfiles

Log files:
C:\Documents and Settings\user-name\Application Data\SAS\Logs

The Windows Vista operating environment uses the following path:

About the Desktop Application Log Files

The Logs directory contains the following log files for the following desktop applications: SAS Management Console, SAS Data Integration Studio, SAS OLAP Cube Studio, and SAS Information Map Studio.

Log Files Created by Desktop Applications
Action Source Filename
Import package SAS Import Package Wizard Import_yyMMddHHmmss.log
Export package SAS Export Package Wizard Export_yyMMddHHmmss.log
Batch import Import Package Tool Import_yyMMddHHmmss.log
Batch export Export Package Tool Export_yyMMddHHmmss.log
Copy, paste, and paste special Edit menu CopyPaste.log

For information about importing and exporting, see the chapter "Creating, Registering, Moving, Copying, Renaming, and Deleting SAS Metadata Repositories" in the SAS Intelligence Platform: System Administration Guide. For information about logging, see the chapter "System Monitoring and Logging" in the SAS Intelligence Platform: System Administration Guide.

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