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Common Elements

Managing the Java Heap Used By Desktop Applications

The Java heap is a segment of host memory that certain desktop applications use to manage their graphical user interface. The size of the Java heap is 512 megabytes for SAS Management Console, SAS Data Integration Studio, and SAS OLAP Cube Studio. SAS Information Map Studio dynamically allocates heap memory, using a minimum of 500 megabytes and a maximum of 1024 megabytes.

Follow these steps if you need to increase the size of the Java heap for one of the preceding desktop applications:

  1. Open the application's INI file using the path SAS-installation-directory\SAS\application-name\release-number. Note that your site might use a different installation directory for SAS.

  2. Increase the default value Xmx512m to something higher, such as Xmx1024m.

  3. Save and close the INI file.

  4. Restart the desktop application.

If your desktop applications run in the Citrix application delivery environment, then you can increase the size of your Java heap to the Citrix limit. Although some versions of Citrix support higher limits, all versions support a maximum Java heap size of 512 megabytes.

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