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Administering SAS Enterprise Miner

Clearing the Local Cache for Java Web Start

When you use Java Web Start on the SAS Analytics Platform server, the server downloads SAS Enterprise Miner and runs the application on your computer. The downloaded application is stored with other such application in a local cache. Occasionally, it is necessary to clear the cache, particularly after you install a new release. Follow these steps to clear the cache:

  1. On the SAS Enterprise Miner client, select Start > Run.

  2. Enter the command javaws viewer.

  3. In the Java Application Cache Viewer, select SAS Enterprise Miner.

  4. Click Remove Selected Application.

  5. To load the new version of SAS Enterprise Miner, open the Web page for the SAS Analytics Platform, and then launch the application from the Web page. Use a Web address such as

To learn more about Java Web Start, see the Administrator's Guide for SAS Analytics Platform.

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