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Administering SAS Information Map Studio

SAS Information Map Studio Overview for Administrators

SAS Information Map Studio provides a point-and-click interface for the creation and maintenance of information maps. Information maps are metadata definitions of enterprise data that provide a basis for querying and reporting.

After you install SAS Information Map Studio, certain administrative tasks need to be completed. The administrative tasks are summarized in the following table.

Administrative Tasks for SAS Information Map Studio
Administrative Task Purpose of Task
Add users Create a SAS identity for each person who uses the SAS environment.
Register resources Make tables, SAS OLAP cubes, and stored processes available for the creation of SAS Information Maps.
Administer access control Restrict access to resources in accordance with your security goals
Introduce pooled workspace servers Enable server-side pooling for relational databases.
Administer log files Specify the name and location of log files, how to modify the information that is recorded, and how to change the name and the location of the log file.
Allocate memory See "Common Elements" in the SAS Intelligence Platform: Desktop Application Administration Guide.
Change or view the application properties Specify the name and location of the file.

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