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Administering SAS OLAP Servers

Building Cubes: Overview for Administrators

Users build cubes with SAS OLAP Cube Studio or PROC OLAP. This section describes the cube build process from an administrative perspective. For more information about cube builds, refer to the SAS OLAP Server: User's Guide.

When you build a cube you specify the cube data and cube structure, and the SAS OLAP Server software creates the cube. The cube is assigned to an OLAP schema, and one or more SAS OLAP Servers that use that schema support client queries on the cube.

Due to the pre-summarization of data, and based on the amount and structure of the data, cube builds can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. For this reason, it is advantageous to build cubes using a non-production OLAP schema. When rebuilding existing cubes, follow these steps to minimize the time that the cube is out of service:

  1. Change the OLAP schema of the existing cube from the production schema to a non-production schema.

  2. Rebuild the cube using the non-production schema.

  3. After the rebuild, change the OLAP schema of the new cube to the production schema.

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