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Administering SAS OLAP Servers

Disabling and Enabling Cubes

Disable cubes when you want to prevent all access to the cube, without stopping any OLAP servers. You disable cubes as part of the cube update process, before clients can access a new version of a cube. When a cube is disabled, no new sessions can be started on that cube, on any OLAP server. Disabling a cube does not close existing sessions. Existing sessions either terminate on their own, or are closed using the SAS OLAP Server Monitor.

Note that you do not need to disable a cube to update a cube in-place. When you update a cube in-place, you add data without closing sessions. While this method of update does not interrupt client access, the process does not enable testing beforehand, and it does not provide a previous version of the cube that you can put back into service.

To disable or enable a cube, follow these steps:

  1. Start SAS Management Console.

  2. Expand the Monitoring folder and expand the SAS OLAP Server Monitor.

  3. Expand the OLAP Schema folder.

  4. Right-click the cube and select Disable or Enable.

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