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Administering SAS OLAP Servers

Administering OLAP Schemas

OLAP schemas logically connect OLAP cubes to SAS OLAP Servers. Each cube appears in one schema. Each SAS OLAP Server is assigned to an OLAP schema. More than one server can be assigned to each schema.

To display schemas in SAS Management Console, select the Plug-ins tab, expand Monitoring, and expand the SAS OLAP Server Monitor. The schemas are displayed beneath the OLAP servers that are assigned to the schemas. Expand the schema folder to display the cubes that comprise the schema.

Schemas are also available in the Inventory tab, in the Shared Data folder.

To create OLAP schemas or assign servers to schemas, use the OLAP Schema tab in the Properties window of the SAS Application Server, as described in "Create or Assign an OLAP Schema" in the SAS Intelligence Platform: Data Administration Guide.

You can use SAS OLAP Cube Studio to create, assign, and delete schemas. You can also move a cube from one schema to another, as described in the SAS OLAP Server: User's Guide.

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