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Administering SAS OLAP Servers

Refreshing Cube Metadata for Calculated Members and Named Sets

You can synchronize the calculated members and named sets in metadata with the data that is stored in the cube cache of a SAS OLAP Server by selecting Actions [arrow] Refresh Cubes in SAS Management Console. Another method is to select cubes in the SAS OLAP Server Monitor, right-click, and select Refresh Cubes. You can also select Refresh Cube in SAS OLAP Cube Studio.

To refresh cubes you must be connected to the SAS OLAP Servers and have the Administer permission.

Refresh Cubes does not add or delete aggregations, change display names, or change the value of the SECURITY_SUBSET option (which enables and disables member-level permissions). To make these changes, you do not need to rebuild the cube, but you do need to close all active sessions. Use Stop, Pause, or Quiesce before you use SAS OLAP Cube Studio or PROC OLAP to make these changes.

For information about updating all of the data in a cube, without rebuilding the cube, see the SAS OLAP Server: User's Guide.

Note that selecting Refresh in the Server Manager or SAS OLAP Server Monitor refreshes server connections and the Folders tab in SAS Management Console. Refresh does not synchronize calculated members or named sets.

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