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ARM System Options

ARMLOC= System Option

Specifies the location of the ARM log.
Valid in: configuration file, SAS invocation, OPTIONS statement, System Options window
Category: System administration: Performance
Restriction: If ARMAGENT=LOG4SAS, ARMLOC= is ignored.

Syntax Description
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ARMLOC=fileref | filename

Syntax Description


is a SAS name that is associated with the physical location of the ARM log. To assign a fileref, use the FILENAME statement.


is the physical location of the log. Include the complete pathname and the filename. You can use single or double quotation marks.

Default for SAS 9.1 ARM Interface: Filename: ARMLOG.LOG
Default for SAS 9.2 ARM Interface: none
Restriction: For all operating environments except z/OS, if you specify the ARMLOC= system option in your configuration file, you must specify the filename, not a fileref.


The ARM log is an external output file that contains the logged ARM transaction records. The ARM log gathers transaction information for the internal SAS processing transactions (depending on the value of the ARMSUBSYS= system option) and for user-defined transactions (using ARM macros).

You can change the location of the ARM log after initializing an ARM subsystem. Any records that were written to the ARM log in the old location are not copied to the ARM log in the new location. Therefore, you should issue ARMLOC= before initializing the first ARMSUBSYS= so that all records are written to the same ARM log.

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