ACCESS Procedure

See: DB2 z/OS, Oracle, or Sybase for DBMS-specific details.


PROC ACCESS <options>;
CREATE libref.member-name.ACCESS | VIEW <password-option>;
UPDATE libref.member-name.ACCESS | VIEW <password-option>;
TABLE= <'>table-name<'>;
ASSIGN <=> YES | NO | Y | N;
DROP <'>column-identifier-1 <'> <…<'>column-identifier-n<'>>;
FORMAT <'>column-identifier-1<'> <=>SAS-format-name-1
<…<'>column-identifier-n<'> <=> SAS-format-name-n>;
LIST <ALL | VIEW | <'>column-identifier<'>>;
RENAME <'>column-identifier-1<'> <=> SAS-variable-name-1 <…<'>column-identifier-n<'>
<=> SAS-variable-name-n>
RESET ALL | <'>column-identifier-1<'> <…<'>column-identifier-n<'>>;
SELECT ALL | <'>column-identifier-1<'> <…<'>column-identifier-n <'>>;
SUBSET selection-criteria;
UNIQUE <=> YES | NO | Y | N;

Table of Procedure Tasks

Statement Task
PROC ACCESS Statement Access relational DBMS data
Database Connection Statement Provide DBMS-specific connection information
ASSIGN Statement Indicate whether SAS variable names and formats are generated
CREATE Statement Create a SAS/ACCESS descriptor file
DROP Statement Drop a column so that it cannot be selected in a view descriptor
FORMAT Statement Change a SAS format for a DBMS column
LIST Statement List columns in the descriptor and give information about them
QUIT Statement Terminate the procedure
RENAME Statement Modify the SAS variable name
RESET Statement Reset DBMS columns to their default settings
SELECT Statement Select DBMS columns for the view descriptor
SUBSET Statement Add or modify selection criteria for a view descriptor
TABLE= Statement Identify the DBMS table on which the access descriptor is based
UNIQUE Statement Generate SAS variable names based on DBMS column names
UPDATE Statement Update a SAS/ACCESS descriptor file