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Data Set Options for Relational Databases

TENACITY= Data Set Option

Specifies how many hours MultiLoad continues to retry logging on to Teradata if the maximum number of Teradata utilities are already running.
Default value: 4
Valid in: DATA and PROC steps (when creating and appending to DBMS tables using SAS/ACCESS software)
DBMS support: Teradata

Syntax Description
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Syntax Description


the number of hours to continue to retry logging on to Teradata.


Use the TENACITY= data set option to indicate to MultiLoad how long to continue retrying a logon operation when the maximum number of utilities are already running. (The maximum number of Teradata utilities that can run concurrently varies from 5 to 15, depending upon the database server setting.) The default value for TENACITY= is four hours. The value specified for TENACITY must be greater than zero.

Use TENACITY= with SLEEP=, which specifies the number of minutes that MultiLoad waits before it retries logging on to Teradata. SLEEP= and TENACITY= function very much like the SLEEP and TENACITY run-time options of the native Teradata MultiLoad utility.

This message is written to the SAS log if the time period that TENACITY= specifies is exceeded.

ERROR:  MultiLoad failed unexpectedly with returncode 12

Note:   Check the MultiLoad log for more information about the cause of the MultiLoad failure. SAS does not receive any informational messages from Teradata in either of these situations:

The native Teradata MultiLoad utility sends messages associated with SLEEP= and TENACITY= only to the MultiLoad log. So nothing is written to the SAS log.  [cautionend]

See Also

For information about specifying how long to wait before retrying a logon operation, see the SLEEP= Data Set Option.

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