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Data Set Options for Relational Databases

ML_CHECKPOINT= Data Set Option

Specifies the interval between checkpoint operations in minutes.
Default value: none (see "Details")
Valid in: DATA and PROC steps (when creating and appending to DBMS tables using SAS/ACCESS software)
DBMS support: Teradata

Syntax Description
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Syntax Description


a numeric value that specifies the interval between checkpoint operations in minutes.


To specify this option, you must first set MULTILOAD=YES.

If you do not specify a value for ML_CHECKPOINT=, the Teradata Multiload default of 15 applies. If ML_CHECKPOINT= is between 1 and 59 inclusive, checkpoints are taken at the specified intervals, in minutes. If ML_CHECKPOINT= is greater than or equal to 60, a checkpoint occurs after a multiple of the specified rows are loaded.

ML_CHECKPOINT= functions very similarly to CHECKPOINT in the native Teradata MultiLoad utility. However, it differs from DBCOMMIT=, which is disabled for MultiLoad to prevent any conflict.

See the Teradata documentation on the MultiLoad utility for more information about using MultiLoad checkpoints.

See Also

For more information about using checkpoints and restarting MultiLoad jobs, see the MULTILOAD= Data Set Option.


DBCOMMIT= Data Set Option

Using MultiLoad

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