The DBLOAD Procedure


PROC DBLOAD DATA=input data DBMS=data-base-identifier;
PATH='path and filename.PC file-extension' | 'filename' | fileref;
DELETE variable-identifier-1<...variable-identifier-n>;
LIST ALL | COLUMNS | FIELDS | variable-identifier;
RENAME 'variable-identifier-1'=column-name-1<...'variable-identifier-n'=column-name-n>;
RESET variable-identifier-1 <...variable-identifier-n>;
WHERE SAS where-expression;

Table of Procedure Tasks

Statement Task
PROC DBLOAD Statement Load data to PCs and creates PC files
ACCDESC Statement Create an access description
DELETE Statement Delete variables from the new data set
ERRLIMIT Statement Limit loading obs after n number of errors
FMTLIB Statement Specify a format library
LABEL Statement Use SAS labels as default column names
LABEL Statement Limit number of observations loaded into new file
LIST Statement List information about SAS variables to be loaded into new file
LOAD Statement Create a file and transfer data to it from an input SAS data set
PATH Statement Indicate the path and name of the PC file that you create and load
QUIT Statement Exit the procedure without further processing
RENAME Statement Rename the PC File columns associated with the listed SAS variables
RESET Statement Reset column names, data types, and enable setting of null values
WHERE Statement Load a subset of observations into the PC file