The CALLRFC Procedure

Example 1: Displaying RFC_SYSTEM_INFO

This example shows an example of retrieving the RFC_SYSTEM_INFO and displaying the information.


proc callrfc ashost="" sysnr='03' user='USER' 
        passwd='PASS' client='800';
    call 'RFC_SYSTEM_INFO' importing  rfcsi_export=work.rfcsi;

proc transpose data=rfcsi out=rfcsi_transposed
        (drop=_name_ rename=(col2=Value _label_=Column));
    var _character_ _numeric_;

proc print data=rfcsi_transposed;

Output: Listing

Obs    Column                                                     Value
  1    RFC log version                                       011
  2    Character set (SAP name)                              1100
  3    Integer format (1 / 2 = little / big endian)          LIT
  4    Floating point format (1=IEEE, 2=IBM/370 format)      IE3
  5    Logical destination (specified in function call)      sapr3srv_SRV_03
  6    Character field of length 8                           sapr3srv
  7    R/3 system, name of R/3 system                        SRV
  8    R/3 system, name of R/3 system                        SRV
  9    Database host name                                    sapr3srv
 10    R/3 system, name of central database system           MSSQL
 11    R/3 system, system release                            46C
 12    RFC:  SAP machine ID                                     560
 13    R/3 system, operating system of application server    Windows NT
 14    Time zone (difference from UTC in seconds)            -18000
 15    Date and time, Daylight savings time flag             X
 16    IP address                                  
 17    Kernel Release                                        46D
 18    R/3 system, Name of application server                sapr3srv
 19    Reserve field in RFCSI