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What SAS training customers are saying

Our customers have high praise for our instructors, courses, and customer service. It's our winning combination and why we back our training with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

For additional customer feedback and comments from current students, read our instructor profiles.

"We have always been very happy with all the SAS instructors we've had. Other training organizations should look to SAS as an example of how they should do on-site training. Everyone is professional and projects a good image."

Florence Down
Systems Training Consultant
Erie Insurance Group

"I was able to start using what I learned in class the next day at work. The instructor was knowledgeable and explained things very well when I had questions. The training room was plush and technologically state of the art. I hope to get to take another class in the near future. My manager and I feel that it was well worth the money."

Denise Simpson
Sr. Systems Analyst, Enterprise Analytics Quality Assurance
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota

"How is it that a private company like SAS can teach the computing side of applied statistics better than most professors in a university? The Web Ex courses are a new teaching paradigm that are going to change everything."

Jon Seltzer
Senior Statistician

"...I plan to revise existing SAS code to include certain code I received during my training. This 'new' code will act to make my output more accurate and reliable. I am certainly very glad I took this course."

Clauda Laster
Statistical and Medical Data Analysis
First Coast Service Options, Inc.

"[My SAS] Training was most helpful in getting me to my ultimate goal -- using SAS as my single system for manipulating, analyzing, and reporting data from our ADABAS, Sybase, SQLServer, Oracle and Access data sources. The courses I have taken so far have been well ordered and have enabled me to move progressively forward. I very much appreciate the professional atmosphere presented throughout the entire training experience and look forward to my next training session."

Dallas L. Long
Systems Analyst

"SAS Programming III culminated many things for me. I have since looked at some of my SAS code and have made several improvements in that code, making the code more efficient and resulting in consuming less computer resources as well as a reduction in real time to do analyses."

Steve Abney
Staff Reliability Engineer/Statistician
Allison Transmission

For more information:

Contact us at or call 800-727-0025 to speak to a SAS Education Account Representative.