Test your connection to the SAS Virtual Lab

The SAS Virtual Lab allows you to access the software used in class through your Web browser. With the SAS Virtual Lab, you don't need SAS software on your local machine to complete the course exercises.

If your organization wishes to use the SAS Virtual Lab environment, the following two steps must be completed to avoid Internet or firewall-related issues.

SAS Virtual Lab System Requirements
Verify that all client machines meet the following system requirements:

Step 1: Bandwidth Test

To determine the number of students your location can accommodate, please run the bandwidth test from your training room. After you run the test, submit the results to the SAS Live Web support and to your organization's IT contact(s) using the Web form provided. Please confirm the accuracy of the bandwidth test results with your IT department. (Note: The test results could be skewed depending on the traffic on your organization's network or on the Internet at the time of running the test.)

Step 2: Firewall Test

The SAS Virtual Lab uses Citrix XenApp to provide remote access to virtual machines and applications. Please complete the following steps prior to the training event to ensure you can connect to the SAS Virtual Lab:
  1. Navigate to the SAS Virtual Lab login page to test your ability to connect to the SAS Virtual Lab.
  2. The username and password will auto-populate. Select the Log In button.
  3. Select the application labeled Virtual Lab Test.
  4. If you are able to connect, you will see the message: "You have successfully entered the SAS Virtual Lab!"
  5. If you do not see the message above, please contact SAS Live Web support by calling 919-531-9338 or by e-mailing It is still quite likely that you will be able to access the SAS Virtual Lab with assistance from a Live Web technician.