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Di Michelson

Di Michelson

Current City: Austin, TX

PhD, Statistics; Texas A&M University
MS, Mathematics; Texas A&M University
BS, Mathematics; Stephen F. Austin State University

Languages spoken: English, I used to be fluent in French, I get along in Spanish, but only if you speak very slowly!

Using SAS since 1986

Using JMP since 1998    Teaching JMP since 1998

Professional experience:
Di Michelson has spent 20+ years as an industrial statistician in the semiconductor industry, both at an IC manufacturer and Sematech, the industry research consortium.

Courses I teach include

JMP Software: Statistical Process Control
JMP Software: Measurement System Analysis
JMP Software: Analyzing Multidimensional Data
JMP Software: Custom Design of Experiments
JMP Software: Classic Design of Experiments

Authored/coauthored works:

Michelson, Diane K. (2008), "Overview of Measurement Systems Analysis," book chapter in Encyclopedia of Statistics in Quality and Reliability, John Wiley & Sons.
Hussein, Gondran, and Michelson (2007), "Atomic Force Microscope Study of 3D Nanostructure Sidewalls," Nanotechnology.
Bunday, Michelson, Allgair, Tam, Chase-Colin, Dajczman, Adan, Har-Zvi (2005), "CD SEM Metrology Macro CD Technology-Beyond the Average," Proceedings of SPIE, v5752, pp 111-126.
Carpio, Ronald A. and Michelson, Diane K. (2004), "Copper Plating Bath Concentration Monitoring for 200mm and 300mm Using a Chemometric Electroanalytical Method," published in V-EMT.

Notable achievements:

U.S. Patent Pending 12/749,169: Methods, Apparatuses, and Systems for Automatically Determining the State of a Cluster Tool, 2010.

Invited speaker at conferences

Quality and Productivity Research Conference (2013)
Joint Statistical Meetings (2010)
ISMI Symposium on Manufacturing Effectiveness (2009)
JMP Discovery Conference (2008)

What students are saying:

Di is the best instructor I have ever experienced in my career. Her knowledge and experience make the course very valuable.
Di brought many fine teaching elements together. I felt that her industrial experience was a strength in how she related to an audience of practitioners. But her academic strengths supported rigor when it was necessary.
Excellent knowledge of material, and seemed to have great depth of experience, including industry references and examples.

What is the best part about teaching?
I love all aspects of teaching, from traveling to different cities, to meeting smart scientists and engineers, to seeing the aha! moment when JMP allows a student to visualize a hard statistical concept.

Do you have any hobbies, favorite activities, or hidden talents?
I enjoy indoor activities like knitting, spinning yarn, reading, and solving cryptic crosswords. I enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and geocaching. My favorite times are enjoying my indoor activities out of doors!

What is your favorite place or dream vacation destination?
My favorite place on the planet is the Capricorn Coast of Queensland, Australia.

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