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Tao Hong

Tao Hong

PhD, in OR and EE; North Carolina State University
MS, in OR, IE and EE; North Carolina State University
B.Eng. in Automation; Tsinghua University, Beijing

Professional experience:
Currently Assistant Professor and NCEMC Faculty Fellow at the Systems Engineering Management Department and and Associate of the Energy Production Infrastructure Center at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Major areas of expertise are forecasting and optimization. Tao has provided consulting and educational services to more than 100 organizations across all sectors of the utility industry.

Courses I teach include

Electric Load Forecasting: Fundamentals and Best Practices
Electric Load Forecasting: Advanced Topics and Case Studies

LinkedIn profile:

Authored/coauthored works:

Short Term Electric Load Forecasting
Spatial Load Forecasting Using Human Machine Co-construct Intelligence Framework
When One Size No Longer Fits All-Electric Load Forecasting with a Geographic Hierarchy

Invited speaker at conferences

IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting
Western Load Research Conference (2012)
AEIC Load Research Conference (2012)

Recommended resources:
Blogs: Energy Forecasting
Books: SAS for Forecasting Time Series
Other resources:

What students are saying:

This course should be a requirement for anyone involved in bidding in next day forecasted load into an organized market, or for those involved in purchasing hourly electric power. Resource planners would find this course especially helpful in developing mid-term demand forecasts.
Tao does a wonderful job teaching his innovative and highly effective methods. I realized quickly that what he teaches is applicable to all utility forecasting, not just electric load forecasting, and I'm anxious to try his methods in my own work on natural gas consumption.
This is by far the best short course I've attended. The instructor clearly has mastery of the subject material and is willing and able to share this knowledge.

What is your favorite training course and why?
Stationarity Testing and Other Time Series Topics, it's always nice to hear directly from a co-inventor of Dickey-Fuller Test!

What is the best part about teaching?
As a BKS instructor, I very much enjoy the business questions raised by the audience before, during and after the class.

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