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Seppe vanden Broucke

Seppe vanden Broucke

Current City: Leuven, Belgium

PhD in Applied Economics; KU Leuven, Belgium
Master of Science, Business Economics: Information Systems Engineer; KU Leuven, Belgium

Professional experience:
Seppe vanden Broucke works as an assistant professor at the department of Business Informatics at UGent (Belgium) and is a lecturer at KU Leuven (Belgium). Seppe's research interests include business data mining and analytics, machine learning, process management, and process mining. His work has been published in well-known international journals and presented at top conferences.


Authored/co-authored books:

Principles of Database Management
Practical Web Scraping for Data Science
Beginning Java Programming

Notable achievements and affiliations:

UGent (professor) and KU Leuven (guest lecturer)
Academic co-organizer of Postgraduate Big Data and Analytics
Advanced Analytics