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z/OS Operating Environment

Applying a License File Troubleshooting License Issues*

*If you have technical difficulties when you try to apply your SAS setinit or SAS installation data file (SID file), contact SAS Technical Support.

Request a Temporary Setinit or SAS Installation Data File for Disaster Recovery Testing

You can request a temporary setinit or SID file for disaster recovery testing online at any time. You can also contact SAS Contracts Support during the normal business hours of 9 AM to 8 PM (EST).

There is one exception to using the online request form. If your Disaster Recovery test requires the machine clock to be set back (IPL) before TODAY’s date, then you must contact SAS Contracts Support to obtain the setinit or SID file.

Request a Setinit or SAS Installation Data File for a Processor (CPU) Upgrade

You can request a setinit or SID file for a processor (CPU) upgrade through the online request form. Contact SAS Contracts Support if you have additional questions.