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What new features are available in the latest release of SAS University Edition?

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A new release of SAS University Edition, which uses SAS Studio 3.8 and runs on SAS 9.4M6, was released in December 2018. This release also includes the most recent release of SASPy, upgrades to JupyterLab, and security fixes.

Here are the new features in SAS Studio 3.8:

  • ability to append and clear the log. You can now append new log information to the existing logs for programs and tasks. You can also automatically clear the log each time you submit code. For more information, see Setting the Code and Log Preferences.

  • support for the VALIDMEMNAME system option. You can now use the SAS member name policy preference to specify a set of rules for SAS data set names, SAS data view names, and item store names. For more information, see Setting Table Preferences.

  • new preferences to control the number of rows and columns in the table viewer. You can now specify the number of rows to be displayed per page of data and the maximum number of columns to be displayed in the table viewer. For more information, see Setting Table Preferences.

  • state of trees in the navigation pane or an open window persists after a refresh. The state of SAS Studio library, file, and folder trees persists after any activity that causes the tree to refresh in the navigation pane or an open window.

  • new SAS Studio tasks.
    Data tasks Combine Tables
    Map tasks Bubble Map, Choropleth Map, Scatter Map, Series Map, Text Map

  • enhancements to existing tasks. In the Line Chart task, you can now include error bars in the chart when you calculate the mean of a variable. For more information, see Line Chart in SAS Studio: Task Reference Guide.