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What is a vApp and how does it work?

A virtual application, or vApp, provides a convenient way to use software without the complexity of having to install the software products yourself. The software products in the vApp have already been installed and configured, and you can run them by using virtualization software, such as Oracle VirtualBox, VMware Workstation Player, or VMware Fusion.

When you run an instance of SAS University Edition on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace, Amazon provides the virtualization software for you. Having a vApp reduces or eliminates the effort needed to install, configure, and maintain complex groups of software and bundles them together in a single, easy-to-use file.

The SAS University Edition is a vApp that contains several SAS software products.

Note Starting in July 2016, JupyterLab and the SAS Kernel for JupyterLab are included in the SAS University Edition vApp. You can use JupyterLab as an alternative to SAS Studio. For more information, see What is JupyterLab in SAS University Edition?

SAS Studio is the browser-based interface to SAS with which you can access your data files and write and run SAS programs. The vApp also includes several other SAS software products that are used to help you access your data and process the SAS code that you run. In the vApp, SAS is running on CentOS Linux.