SAS University Edition: Help Center

How do I update to the latest release of SAS University Edition?

As new releases of SAS University Edition become available, you can update to the latest release for free.

When an update is available, you see a message under the Notifications heading in the SAS University Edition Information Center.

SAS University Edition Information Center after December 2016

Here is what you can expect when you update SAS University Edition:

  1. In the SAS University Edition Information Center under the Notifications heading, click Download. When the download completes, you should see a "download completed successfully" message and an Update button.
  2. Click Update, and then click Yes in the confirmation window. This update takes several minutes and requires a restart of the virtual machine. You cannot run SAS Studio while these updates are applied.

When SAS University Edition finishes applying the updates, a "SAS University Edition is up-to-date" message appears under the Notifications heading. Now click Start SAS Studio to reopen SAS Studio and continue your work.

Note You do not need to update your virtualization software in order to update SAS University Edition.

NoteIf you installed SAS University Edition on your computer before December 2016, you must download and install the latest release from the Download SAS University Edition website. You cannot upgrade to the latest release.