SAS University Edition: Help Center

I am having trouble updating SAS University Edition. What should I do?

In a perfect world, updates are quick and easy. Unfortunately, we live in the real world, so occasionally you might run into difficulty.

If you encounter an error while updating SAS University Edition, try clearing your cache and cookies, re-importing the OVA file, or downloading a new file.

Try these solutions in this order:

  1. Clear the cache and cookies in your browser (or use another browser if you have one installed). Then try the update process again.

  2. If the update still fails, re-import your OVA file into your virtual machine. You downloaded the OVA file from the Download SAS University Edition on This file is probably in your Downloads folder. The file size is about 2.3GB.

    For more information, see How do I add the SAS University Edition vApp to VirtualBox? or How do I add the SAS University Edition vApp to VM Workstation Player and VMWare Fusion?.

  3. If the update still doesn't work, download the newest release of SAS University Edition.

    Downloading a new file is listed as the last option because the file is quite large and will take a while to download. However, downloading this file eliminates the need for an update because the downloaded file is always the most up-to-date. Whenever an update appears in the SAS University Edition Information Center, you always have the option of downloading a new OVA file from the SAS University Edition page.