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Why am I seeing an error stating that my shared folder is not writable?

When you start SAS University Edition, you might see an error stating that your shared folder is not writable. This error can occur in several situations.

  • The folder has the read-only attribute on your local computer.
  • The shared folder was created as a read-only folder in your virtualization software.
  • The folder no longer exists.
  • The network connection to the folder is unavailable. Using a network folder as your shared folder is not recommended.
  • The folder is under Windows User Account Control (UAC).
Note Some folders, such as the Program Files folder, are often not read-only, but are under UAC, and the virtualization software cannot write to them.

It might be the case that the folder was unwritable when you created the shared folder or it became unwritable after you created the shared folder. When your shared folder is unwritable, SAS Studio cannot open.

To fix the problem, try one of the following solutions:

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