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Why am I seeing an "Unable to connect" or "This page can't be displayed" error?

When you try to start SAS University Edition by entering the URL in your web browser, you might get an error that says "Unable to connect" or "This page can't be displayed."

Are you trying to run SAS University Edition without also running the virtualization software?

This error can occur when you try to run SAS University Edition without also running virtualization software such as VirtualBox, VMWare Workstation Player, VMWare Fusion, or VMware Player at the same time. The SAS University Edition vApp can run only while the virtualization software is also running.

To run SAS University Edition, you must first start your virtualization software and select the SAS University Edition vApp.

When the virtual machine is running, the screen with the SAS logo is replaced with a black console screen (called the Welcome window). For example, the Welcome window for VirtualBox is shown here:

Welcome Screen for SAS University vApp in VirtualBox

In the Welcome window, note the URL for SAS University (in this example, http://localhost:10080) and enter the URL in your web browser on your local computer.

Note You can minimize the Welcome window, but do not close it until you are finished using SAS University Edition. SAS University Edition cannot run if the virtual machine is not running.

Is SAS University Edition configured properly?

First, try clearing your web browser's cache, cookies, and temporary files and then relaunching SAS University Edition. The issue might be browser-specific, so trying to open SAS University Edition from a different web browser might resolve the connection issue as well.

The virtual machine settings that you configured while importing SAS University Edition into your virtualization software are important for SAS University Edition to operate correctly. To verify that you have the correct settings for your virtual machine, see SAS Problem Note 53791.

Is your SAS University Edition vApp or virtualization software corrupted?

Problems that persist after following these troubleshooting techniques might be caused by a corrupted SAS University Edition vApp download or virtual machine. If connection issues persist, download and reimport the latest SAS University Edition vApp into your virtualization software. The download and installation process is available on the Download SASŪ University Edition page. Be sure you follow the QuickStart Guide for proper installation.

For more information about this error, see SAS Problem Note 53791.

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