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How do I use JupyterLab in SAS University Edition?

When you first open JupyterLab in SAS University Edition, the File Browser tab is displayed by default in the left sidebar and a Launcher tab is open in the main work area. The Launcher enables you to create new SAS or Python 3 notebooks as well as new SAS or Python 3 code consoles. You can also create a new text file.

JupyterLab main work area with Launcher tab

The left sidebar contains several commonly used tabs, including the file browser, a list of running terminals and kernels, the command palette, the cell inspector, and a list of open tabs in the main work area. The file browser displays your Jupyter notebooks and the files in your myfolders shared folder. You can double-click files in the file browser to open them in the work area.

Rearranging tabs in the work area

You can rearrange the tabs in the work area by dragging them to the left or right. You can also view multiple tabs at a time by dragging tabs to a new location in the work area.

The following example shows the Launcher tab being moved to the lower section of the work area with the class_analysis.ipynb tab.

Example of moving the Launcher tab to the bottom of the work area

In this example, the Launcher tab has been moved to the lower section of the work area.

New location of the Launcher tab in the work area