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Is there a limit on the size of the data I can use in SAS University Edition?

There is no specific limit on data size in SAS University Edition. The size of the SAS data sets you can use is limited primarily by the amount of disk space you have and how efficient your SAS code is. If you get an error in your SAS log that indicates that you have run out of space, you can try another programming approach or try splitting your large data set into several smaller data sets.

There are many resources available for improving the efficiency of your SAS code, including these papers:

You can also find suggestions for how to split a single large data set into multiple smaller ones:

The SAS Analytics U community is an excellent place to ask the advice of other users who might have had a similar question, as well!

Keep in mind, too, that SAS University Edition is provided for the process of learning. Learning can usually be done with any reasonably sized data sets. If you find that the data you are using is too large, your purpose might exceed the scope of SAS University Edition.