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How do I create a snippet for importing my XLS files?

In SAS Studio, you can modify the code in the Import XLSX File snippet to create a new snippet that imports XLS files, which were created in older versions of Microsoft Excel.
  1. In SAS Studio, open the Snippets section and expand the Snippets > Data folders.

  2. Right-click Import XLSX File and select Add to My Snippets.

  3. In the Snippets section, expand My Snippets. You should see the Import XLSX File snippet.

  4. To view the code for this snippet, double-click Import XLSX File.

  5. In the DBMS statement in the code, change the deliminator value to XLS and save the code.

  6. Under the My Snippets folder, change the name of the snippet to Import XLS File (or a name that you prefer).

Now you can use this snippet to import your XLS files.