SAS University Edition: Help Center

What is SAS Studio?

When you use SAS University Edition, you are using SAS Studio to access SAS. Many people program in SAS by using an application on their PC desktop or SAS server. SAS Studio is different because it is a tool that you can use to write and run SAS code through your web browser.

With SAS Studio, you can access your data files, libraries, and existing programs and write new programs. When you use SAS Studio, you are also using SAS software behind the scenes. SAS Studio connects to a SAS server in order to process SAS commands. In the SAS University Edition, the SAS server is included in the vApp file that is installed on your local machine. After the code is processed by the SAS server, the results are returned to SAS Studio in your browser.

Image that shows the relationship between SAS Studio and SAS

SAS Studio supports multiple web browsers, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.