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What new features are available in SAS Enterprise Guide?

New features in SAS Enterprise Guide 8.1

SAS Enterprise Guide 8.1 was released in June 2019. SAS Enterprise Guide 8.1 has been redesigned to include a modern and flexible user interface with tab-based organization of content and flexible window management. With this release of SAS Enterprise Guide, you can find the following new functionality:

  • updated user interface. The updated SAS Enterprise Guide user interface provides a more flexible space in which to write programs, build process flows, as well as access and browse your files and project. The navigation area includes the panes that you expect to see such as Project, Tasks, Servers, SAS Folders, and the Prompt Manager. There is also a new Open Items pane that enables you to view a list of all your currently open items.
    In addition, you have many options for rearranging your tabs and panes in SAS Enterprise Guide. A layout guide icon appears as you drag a pane or tab to help you see where you can dock it.

    For more information, see About the Navigation Area.

  • new start page. By default, a Start Page tab opens in the work area and provides quick access to a few basic tasks (for example, creating a program or project), a list of your recently viewed items, and links to learning resources. For more information, see About the Work Area.
  • optional projects. SAS Enterprise Guide no longer requires you to use a project to manage all of your data, tasks, programs, and results. You can still use projects, if you like, or you can use SAS Enterprise Guide as a tool to open and work on individual files. For more information, see Am I Required to Use a Project?.
  • new appearance themes. SAS Enterprise Guide 8.1 enables you to choose between a light theme (Illuminate) and a dark theme (Ignite). SAS Enterprise Guide also honors the Windows High Contrast themes. For more information, see Setting General Options.
  • running multiple items without locking the user interface. You can now run multiple items at the same time, and you can continue to work in SAS Enterprise Guide while other programs are running. You can use the Submission Status pane to manage all of your submitted programs, tasks, and stored processes. For more information, see Using the Submission Status Pane.
  • access to recent items and recent locations. The Open and Save windows now include a list of recently opened items, and you can quickly reopen any of these items with a single click. You can also pin items to ensure that they always appear at the top of the list.
  • option to unlock open data. Data sets are no longer locked when they are open and idle. You can use the Unlock open data after inactivity option to specify how long SAS Enterprise Guide waits before releasing the lock on an open idle data set. For more information, see Setting Data Performance Options.
  • ability to drag data sets and variable names into a program. You can now add data set and variable names to a program without typing the names yourself by dragging the data sets and variables from the Servers pane into a program.
  • new search pane. The search feature in SAS Enterprise Guide is now available in the Search pane. You can toggle the Search pane on and off, and you can search for items in a project or in the Open Items pane. For more information, see Searching in SAS Enterprise Guide.
  • updated Favorites functionality. The Favorites menu in earlier versions of SAS Enterprise Guide has been replaced by a new option to pin recent items that you want to easily access. You can pin recent items on the Start Page and in the Open and Save windows so that they are always displayed at the top in a Pinned Items or Pinned Locations list.
    You can also still mark your favorite tasks whenever you are browsing for tasks in the Tasks area of the navigation pane or in the Open a Task window. Position your mouse pointer over a task and click the star icon on the right. When you are viewing tasks, you can choose to display only the tasks that you have marked as favorites.
  • running a process flow. You can now run the items in a project from the selected node in the process flow or to the selected node in the process flow. For more information, see Run Part of the Process Flow.
  • general enhancements.
    • By default, when you rerun a task, the results from the previous run are automatically replaced. In previous releases, you were prompted to replace existing results.
    • To specify the default tab to display when generating results, use the Default tab to display option. For more information, see Setting General Results Options.
    • By default, results appear in HTML format. The default style for SAS Report format is now HTMLBlue.
    • If you are connected to a SAS 9.4M5 (or later) server, log streaming is supported. For more information, see the Stream log updates while a procedure is running option in Setting General Results Options.
    • In the Servers pane when you expand or refresh an unassigned library, SAS Enterprise Guide automatically assigns the library.
    • New keyboard shortcuts are available, and many existing keyboard shortcuts have been updated. To view all keyboard shortcuts for SAS Enterprise Guide, see Keyboard Shortcuts in SAS Enterprise Guide: Accessibility Features.
  • documentation enhancements. The documentation for SAS Enterprise Guide is now available from the Help Center on The Help functionality in SAS Enterprise Guide takes you to the latest documentation. These documents are available: If your site does not have web access, you can configure your site to access local PDF versions of the doc. For more information, see Access the Help Using Local PDF Files in SAS Enterprise Guide and SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office: Administratorís Guide.