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SPDE Engine

MP CONNECT Combined with SPD Server


This is a collection of sample programs, pseudo code, and list of commonly made mistakes to help you develop new applications and/or modify existing applications to make use of SAS/CONNECT Software. Both MP CONNECT and Piping are covered as well as some of the established technology such as making a connection to a spawner.

Template for Signing on Multiple Times to the Same Machine

Basic MP CONNECT Template - SMP Machine

Basic MP CONNECT Template - Remote Machines

Get Path of WORK Library for MP CONNECT Sessions

Using LOG=/OUTPUT= Options on Async RSUBMIT

Piping Between Data Steps

Piping Between Data Step and Proc Sort on SMP Machine

Piping Between Data Step and Proc Sort Across Remote Machines

Piping with Raw Data Files and Merging

SPDE Engine

The following examples show how to specify the SPDE engine on a LIBNAME statement and how to use some of the options specific to the SPDE engine. Once the libref has been defined it is specified as usual in a two-level name to the SAS procedure or data step.

Using PROC REG with the SPDE Engine

Creating Indexes in Parallel with the SPDE Engine

MP CONNECT Combined with SPD Server

The following example goes through an interative process of modifying an existing serial SAS job with different scalable SAS solutions. The first iteration makes use of MP CONNECT. The second iteration tries using the SPD Server product. The final iteration maximizes the gain in performance by using a combination of both MP CONNECT and the SPDS Server product.

MP CONNECT Combined with SPD Server

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